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[:es]The Ultimate Trip Planner[:en]The Ultimate Trip Planner[:]

[:en]HO-LI-DAYS! Come on, repeat with me: HO-LI-DAYS! Have you decided your next destination yet? And the rest of things? For all those who either hate or love plans, we have the solution! This downloadable will help you organise everything before departing to the different private paradises!

Dorita, honorary member of #TheSewingBoxTeam, has designed this list of essential things that you have to carry with you before leaving. From the most important things to the basic or the necessary ones to feel good. All this without forgetting the key point: Sun is shining!

You can download it by clicking on this link and we’ll be grateful if you share the download in your favourite social network! (You can find the icons to share with the whole world.)

Enjoy your holidays! We’ll stay here, but at least here you have the perfect list for the time!

Downloadable made by Dorita. Elena is a graphic designer, she can speak French as an authentic Parisian (she was there doing an internship in the craftiest shops!) and she has just opened “Dorita, design and communication”. Besides, she is a craft lover, a collector of beautiful things in Pinterest and our new recruit for The Sewing Box.[:]

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