From “El Costurero Magazine” to “The Sewing Box Magazine” 

El Costurero is a small box of surprises, a common object in which all designers become portrayed, designers who involve us in their creativity and who give us ideas to become a little bit more like them…” That was the beginning of the editorial El Costurero 1, which has been followed by other 8 numbers and a change of tittle (from “El Costurero” to “The Sewing Box”).

TSB is a quarterly magazine, which is written in three languages (Spanish, English and French), dedicated to “Arts & Crafts” with interviews and advices from entrepreneurs in the field. The “do it yourself” floods all our pages, from knitting to sewing and from bricolage to homemade cosmetics. Together with our usual numbers, the monographs “The Sewing Box Special, Sew, Knit and Refashion” with scale patterns and a stationery line are released twice a year.

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You can buy it in our online shop¸ department stores, bookstores and kiosks across the world.

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The Sewing Box Special

Cinema Style

Cinema Style is our second monograph. Inside this bookazine, you will find 12 sewing, knitting or refashioning projects based on iconic garments in the world of cinema. You will discover a little about their history and all the secrets about the film stars that wore them. Simple garments that adapt to all sizes and that will help you create your own Hollywood style.

Print full scale patterns included. Buy Cinema Style here.

Cinema Style
Kimono style book

Kimono Style

Kimono Style is the number one in our new editorial line. Inside this book, you will find ten El Costurero-style projects based on the kimono shape. You will discover a little about its history and prints. “Sew, Knit & Refashion” simple garments that adapt to all sizes and that will help you create your own wardrobe. Moreover, you can relax colouring the patterns of the legendary Kimono. Let yourself be wrapped by the Slow life #BeCrafter.

Print full scale patterns included. Buy our digital patterns here.


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