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The 5 Most Common Organisational Problems: A Way to Solve Them!

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We all can be a little messy sometimes. Nobody’s perfect! However, when can it become a problem that could stop making you happy? We’ve asked to an expert in organisation, Alicia (from Orden y Limpieza en casa), about the signs that must alert us and this is her answer: “For me, the first and main sign is to constantly want to leave your home. Wanting to go out anytime can be a symptom of your discomfort at home. Other signs may include not finding anything, having a lot of chaotic spaces (accumulation areas where you keep lots of things), not having clothing to wear because it’s getting washed or not being able to get rid of things you’re not interested in anymore.”

The order implies a higher quality of life and a professional organiser could be the one able to help you get that harmony at home. The advantages of becoming tidy? Numerous! Although you may think at first that it’s something irrelevant,it reduces anxiety and stress, it gives you a sacred space in perfect harmony (your home) for you to relax and forget your daily worries, such as the work ones. Moreover, it reduces family arguments (because the most of them are caused by the disorder and house chores). Besides, having a better organisational routine allows you to be much more effective and have more leisure time.”

Before going to professionals, let’s try to solve some of those universal problems with some of her advices:

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  • The post is mounting up in the postbox or anywhere. We could recycle it or keep it efficiently in a drawer of the entrance furniture, but the experts’ advice is “get rid of it before it comes home”, either calling the post company to cancel it or receiving your receipts online.
  • Lack of space for your favourite hobby. Has your Christmas present this year been a set to practice yoga? Do you want to find the perfect place to do your hobby (sewing, cooking, puzzles with matches)? You should know that there’re no spaces too little, everything is a question of organisation and priorities! How? Alicia thinks that you can “create spaces from scratch or reorganise zones to make it more intuitive to find things.”

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  • Sorry, I often buy filing cabinets and boxes. A common mistake is to think that buying accessories to store things is the solution to any problem, but rather the contrary. They make us feel tidy, but they don’t allow us to get away of the responsibility of the habit of order.
  • You don’t feel comfortable at your own home. “You release that you want to change something and you don’t know where to start”, says Alicia. In that case, a professional organiser can be really useful. Her work, just like her, is to make you feel comfortable at home. How can she help us? “The first thing I do is to visit the home and make and interview. With those data, I make an analysis, we’ll see where the problems are (if it’s something about accumulation, a normal disorder or a lack of routine) and, depending on the problem, we elaborate an action plan. Sometimes you only need to reorganise a part of the house or get rid of accumulation. Other times you only have to create a new routine.” You can get in touch with Alicia on the following link.

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