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[:en]Do You Feel Like Sewing? Here You Have 3 Ideas That Will Help You![:]


Pictures from the blog Cotton + Curls. Here you can see the tutorial of the dress

I have sometimes premonitory dreams. I see myself losing the bus (it always happens to me once a week), or breaking something and being the main suspect (details are left out, ‘couse I’d give myself away); but, above all, I’ve “visions” about the craft fashion that’s about to come.

So, some time ago I had a dream in which everyone was sewing. I saw them in the shop windows and in windows in general, in parks, in newspapers… Could this of sewing becoming a fashion? Should I change my profession? Probably the last one. However, if suddenly you become so obsessed like me, I’m going to recommend you these 4 things:

Read this post about how to lose your fear to sewing machines. Moreover, if you want to buy a sewing machine, start with a low-cost one (you can see them in this link).

Follow Chita Lou YouTube channel.

Look for an easy project. Everybody’s in love with the black dress pattern of our publication Kimono Style. We love to see in the social networks how you choose the fabric and stir yourselves into action! It’s said that it can be made in just a few hours and the truth is that, although you don’t know too much about sewing, it won’t be time-consuming! You can buy it through this link.

Avoid falling in love with the blog Cotton + Curls (it includes PDF patterns).


I’ve said that las thing because sewing can be frustrating at first. However, I think it’s easier than any other technique (give me two needles and I’ll destroy even a simple scarf!). Moreover, it requires you to buy “expensive” materials, although you have always the possibility to find them at a lower price (unless you adore Liberty fabric, because in that case, you are lost!)[:]

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