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We design for all sizes (opens in a new window) so you can knit for yourself, for teeny-tiny lovelies, and for everyone else too, making our patterns a great value.


Clearly written and professionally tech edited, our patterns have a straightforward style. We create helpful resources, list errata, and it’s easy to contact us directly.


If we didn’t love knitting it, we won’t publish the pattern! This means we often use seamless knitting techniques, and like to keep things simple.

Knitting is FUN, right?

We LIKE pretty, but we’re not ABOUT pretty. We’re about FUN.

On Instagram(opens in a new window), our blog(opens in a new window), and in our emails(opens in a new window) we share some of the moments from our lives, with a focus on the pleasure and joy we find in cables, colour, and lace. Our design and pattern-writing style reflects our focus on learning and pleasure. We hope our patterns will inspire you to tackle a new technique, or knit your first sweater!

In our patterns, our images, our stories and our customer support emails, we aim to create and speak in ways that are:

  • Fun – We like pretty, but we’re not about pretty. We’re about fun.
  • Adventurous – We feel life, parenting and business invite us to venture outside our comfort zone.
  • Caring – We continually strive to improve our work, so it brings you pleasure and meets your needs.
  • Valuable and High Quality – We aim to make work you value; to bring you joy, encourage you to adventure, and allow you to share knitting with your friends and family too.

Our mission

We inspire, guide, and support knitters through our joyful pictures and stories, excellent knitting patterns, free learning materials, and prompt customer service.

Our vision

An inclusive community of knitters creating something joyful and learning something new.

Our commitments to equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism

With our actions as designers and individuals we aim to contribute to change that increases equity, respect, safety, and support for those who hold marginalized identities.

  • When selecting yarns to use, events to attend, publications to design for, and products to promote, we will ask questions about provenance, process, and inclusivity practices.
  • We will work to improve the inclusivity of the stories we tell, the images we share, and the patterns we publish.
    • For images, this means creating beautiful, accessible images with a range of diverse models.
    • For stories, this means editing our content and language, keeping in mind how it may either reinforce harmful cultural norms, or challenge them.
    • For patterns, this means extending our size range, working to make our patterns more accessible to those with visual impairments, and expanding our catalog of helpful tutorials and free patterns.
  • Ongoing learning on topics of social justice, anti-racism, and inclusion is both a business and personal responsibility.
  • We will regularly reconsider our business practices through the lens of accessibility, inclusion, and service to all knitters.

Land acknowledgement

As part of our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, we respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous peoples who, for millennia, have stewarded the land now known as Canada. The relationship between European settlers and First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people continues to be fraught from a long history of colonization, forced assimilation, family separation, displacement, land theft, and violence. Recently, Canada began taking steps towards healing and reconciliation with the Indigenous peoples of this land. And while it is only a start, we would like to acknowledge and honor the traditional inhabitants of the unceded territory we occupy.

We were born and raised on the traditional territories of First Nations. Emily is from Vancouver Island and grew up on the ancestral lands of the K’ómoks First Nation, Tla’amin Nation, and Homalco First Nation. Alexa grew up and still lives on the traditional lands of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, Squamish Nation, Stó:lō Nation, and Musqueam people.

With deep respect for the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people whose territories were taken from them in the formation of Canada, we acknowledge the truth that we are settlers on Indigenous lands. As such, all books from Tin Can Knits will now include recognition of the people whose ancestral lands we photograph, and all events will include a land acknowledgement.

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