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We publish patterns for all sizes so you can knit for yourself, for the little ones you love, and for everyone else!


No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, thanks to our professional editors, our patterns have a straightforward style and are very easy to follow. We also provide helpful resources and it’s easy to contact us.


We combine all kinds of projects and patterns, from knitting, to crochet, embroidery… You will be able to create for hours and hours with each of our issues.

Knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, embroidery, beautiful artwork: everything in just ONE magazine.

We LOVE to make pretty magazines, but our focus is to provide FUN.

Don’t miss out! follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok, where we share tips and recommendations, as well as lovely designers and creators that we admire. We choose our favourite patterns with one thing in mind: having fun creating. Our mission is to inspire you, so don’t be afraid of trying out new things!

We base our work in these pillars:

Fun – We LOVE to make pretty magazines, but our focus is to provide FUN.

Adventure – We are not scare of venturing outside our comfort zone.

Effort– We continually make an effort to improve our work, so you can enjoy our creations and they meet your needs adn expectations.

High Quality – We want to create valuable products that won’t just bring you joy, but also inspire you and allow you to share your creative process with your friends and family.

Our mission

We do our best to inspire, guide, and support our readers. We provide them with high quality patterns, heartful stories and beautiful illustrations, as well as an immediate customer service.

Our vision

We believe in an inclusive and respectful community of makers, where the most important thing is to have fun creating and learning.

Our commitments to equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism

As a team and as individuals, we aim to contribute to change the world and achieve equity, respect, safety, and support for everyone, and especially for the groups that are more vulnerable.

We strive for improving the inclusivity of the stories, pictures and patterns we share.

When it comes to our images, we try to include a range of diverse models.

In our stories, we keep in mind everything we say may reinforce harmful cultural norms, or challenge them.

In terms of the patterns we share, we include multiple sizes and we try to provide as many resources as we can and use straightforward instructions so that anyone can enjoy creating!

We commit to stay updated and learn on topics of social justice, anti-racism, and inclusion.

We will transform and improve our business practices in terms of accessibility, inclusion, and service to the creative community as much as we can, so don’t be afraid of letting us now if you have any tip, advice or message for us to become even better.