Zero Waste Crochet by Ameskeria

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A guide created by Ameskeria to reduce the use of non-biodegradable products through crochet projects, explained step by step with images

You will learn how to read charts and practice the tapestry crochet tecnique.




What will I find in this digital publication?

1. A 48-page ebook with 9 crochet projects to be zero waste at home.

2. Suitable for all levels, with simple projects and explnations through images and graphics. 

3. It is divided into three sections: bathroom (make-up remover pads, bags for soap bars and wipes) kitchen (cloth, scourer and cleaning cloth) and shopping (bulk shopping bags, bread bags and shopping bags).

4. Discover the 7 R’s of ecology.

About Ameriska

Leire Villar is a designer who lives in Barcelona and is specialised in crochet.

Between stitch and stitch, she creates content related to the world of crafts, coordinates teams, designs and takes photos.

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