The Sewing Box Magazine 8 digital edition

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Can needle and crochet change the world? How many times have we said that knitting or crafting is therapeutic? Do crafts help us to improve our self-esteem of lengthen our lives?

You will find all the answers in our publications.

Discover new craft experiences from your favorite designers. Patterns, inspiration and much more. It’s time for you to get inspired and learn from the best.

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120 pages
Bonus content: special knitting and crochet patterns
ISBN 978-84-9439867-1-0

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DESIGNERS AND CRAFT ENTREPRENEURS: Araña Tejedora, Bebé Karioca, Bluü, De Estraperlo, El Club de la Calceta, El Club Lulú, Irene Strange, Knifty Knitting, Knitting the Skyline, Little Treasures, Misscacharritos, Potter & Bloom, Xamalo85, Vaskavullaknit, Zak a dit and Alimaravillas.


AMIGURUMI: Manolete Mollete; Colette, the Little Flamingo.

CROCHET: Thriller T-Shirt, Crochet Top, Tanit Top, Pineapplesky Shawl, Peacock Feathers Necklace & Earrings, Lavender Hat, Ruffalo Shawl, Crochet and Round Bag, Coni Custom, Manzanilla Fingerless Gloves.

KNITTING: Daylight Breaking Shawl, Urbasa Shawl, Kajsa’s Sweater.

OTHERS: Triangle Pattern Macramé Mural, 10 mins Funny Pack, Yarn Bombing.

ILLUSTRATORS: Studio Bon, Xaviera Altena, Noa Snir, Zahélie, Teresa Bellón and Beya Rebaï.

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS: each of these projects includes detailed instructions with images of how to make it, in which you will find the level of difficulty and everything you need to do it.