The Sewing Box Magazine 7 digital edition

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10th anniversary special issue. It’s time for you to get inspired and learn from the best crafters in the industry. Discover the latest in crafting techniques and have hours and hours of fun.

Digital edition (instant download)
120 pages
Bonus content: basic socks master classes, dyeing with avocado and tapestry secrets
ISBN 978-84-943942-0-3

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DESIGNERS AND CRAFT ENTREPRENEURS: Alelí Deco Crochet, Bichus, Coloranta, Creativa Atelier, Eleven Handmade, Gallimelmas e Imaginancias, La Nonina, Little Rita, Nomad Stitches, Pra Gente Miúda, Thoresby Cottage, TL Yarn Crafts, Santa Pazienzia, Ma-Rya, Siona and Botanical Threads.


CROCHET: Chal Amore, A Stool with African Flower, Zorritos Bag, Rye Bread Sweater, Moon Cradle, Soroa Bag, 5th Element Top, Cable Cushion for a Stood, The Rainbow Gumdrop Square, Braxton Infinity Scarf, Net SP Bag.

OTHERS: Swing Peto, Amigurumi Elifante.

MASTER CLASS: How to Knit a Basic Sock.

THE SECRETS OF THE TAPESTRY: Decorate a Wire Using Macramé, Branch Decoration, Rope Soled Sandals Woven on a Loom.

DYEING with avocado.

ILLUSTRATORS: Kellie O´Hara, Kate Merritt, Miranda Sofroniou, Ana Hard, Marijke Buurlage and Ju Schnee.

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS: each of these projects includes detailed instructions with images of how to make it, in which you will find the level of difficulty and everything you need to do it.