The Sewing Box Magazine 12 digital edition

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The Sewing Box 12 is a publication with the spirit of a book, where you can find the largest compilation of design and stories of creators from all over the world. A continuous source of inspiration to develop the most original projects.


Digital edition 
120 pages
ISBN 978-84-949867-8-9

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DESIGNERS AND CRAFT ENTREPRENEURS: Pickles, Siempre Oveja, Things to knit, Viviana Knits, Brunaticality, Fabric, Laura Díaz, Wool and the Gang, Marlow and Chestnut, Qué se teje, SarahDee Crochet, Spin a Yarn Crochet, Arorua, Felina Creativa, Joooyco Studio and Variopinto.

16 DIY projects and 6 illustrators.


KNITTING: Let it Bumblebee Cardigan, Sweater Elisa, Openwork Baby Sweater, Simplicity Sweater.

CROCHET: Ella Granny Square Top, Aurora’s Case, Autumn Shawl, Hot In Here Dress.  

AMIGURUMI: Bentley the Dog, Margarita Doll, Niko the Koala, Nigiri + Soy Sauce.

EMBROIDERY AND MACRAME: Embroidered Denim Pocket, Macrame Initiation Tapestry, Mask (Joy Pachi), Suzy Bishop Taboret.

ILLUSTRATORS: Madelen Möllard, Kaley McKean, Radhiah Anis, Hannah Riordan, Léonie Koelsch.

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS: each of these projects includes detailed instructions with images of how to make it, in which you will find the level of difficulty and everything you need to do it.

Step-by-step instructions: each of these projects includes detailed instructions with images of how to make it, where you will find the difficulty of the project, and everything you need to make it. Let yourself go and start learning new techniques in the world of handicrafts and needlework, you don’t need to be an expert to make them and you will become a designer learning simple techniques from many disciplines.