Granny Tee by Larami Loops in The Sewing Box 14

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This crochet top is knitted in several pieces: two flat body panels (the front and the back) and two patchwork sleeves. 

Body panel is made of 2 flat upper panels that are then joined together to create a tube. 

Sleeves are made up of granny squares and half granny squares separately which are joined to the body panel using the sc method. 

Finally ribbing of sleeves, bottom and neckline are added. 

Once finished, the top has a width of 2-3cm (0.79-1in) positive ease around the chest. 

It is designed as a crop top, but you can adjust the lenght to your liking. If you lenghten it, please note that the width of the top will be the same on the chest, waist and hips areas, so you should consider the widest measurement in your body instead of the bust measurement as a reference. 








16 DIY projects and 6 illustrators.


KNITTING: Guara Socks, Summer Top, Bear Head and Oscar Beanie. 

CROCHET: FS Tapestry, Granny Tee, Vitamina Bag and Sugar Top.

AMIGURUMI: Beach Cat; Brownie, the Teddy Bear; Strawberry Ice Cream and Opie, the Baby Panda.

EMBROIDERY AND MACRAME: Multicoloured Calathea, Embroidered Card the Force, Blue Tit Brooch and Maui Hula Tapestry.

ILLUSTRATORS: Genie Espinosa, Lauren Morsley, María Herreros and Daisy Hung.

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS: each of these projects includes detailed instructions with images of how to make it, in which you will find the level of difficulty and everything you need to do it.

Step-by-step instructions: each of these projects includes detailed instructions with images of how to make it, where you will find the difficulty of the project, and everything you need to make it. Let yourself go and start learning new techniques in the world of handicrafts and needlework, you don’t need to be an expert to make them and you will become a designer learning simple techniques from many disciplines.