Crochet Brunch digital edition

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An ebook with 5 crochet projects and 5 refreshing pastry recipes to share in the evenings with friends. You will learn how to crochet all kinds of projects and make inspiring and exclusive recipes thanks to designers from all around the world.

Design your family wardrobe with projects from mothers and daughters.

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47 pages. 

5 projects from beginner to intermediate level.
5 recipes.

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What will I find in this digital publication?

A 47-page ebook dedicated to crochet projects and recipes.

Suitable for all levels, with simple projects and explanations using images and graphics.

It is divided into two sections: recipes (strawberry ice cream without a machine, chocolate cookies, creamy cheesecake, gin and tonic with grapefruit lemonade, apple pie) and crochet projects (Rainy April Dress, Ylene Cardigan, Seta Kotori Amigurumi, Bardot Bag).

Authors: Dream Crochet, Fiorelila, El Club de la Calceta, Kurumi, Knot and Twist and Laura Hojman.