Butterfly Sweater by ByKaterina inside The Sewing Box 13

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The Yellow Butterfly Sweater, comfy and delicate, is made with a technique called “butterfly stitch”. The sweater is made from cuff to cuff, working the back and front panels at the same time. Then, the number of stitches is split in half and the 2 panels are worked individually. Finally, they are joined and finished.

The pattern includes a graphic with instructions on how to make the “butterfly stitch” and another one with detailed measurements for all parts of the swearer. It also has instructions for 8 different sizes, from S to 5XL.


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Pattern detailsShipping costsDesigner and collaboratorsFinished measurements

From S to 5XL

«Katia» Soft Gattré in shade 62 (lemon yellow).

4mm hook.

Stitch markers.


The Sewing Box 13 is only available in digital (instant download of a PDF ).

Design: ByKaterina
Editing: Anabel García-Plata, Roberto Hinojo and María Isabel Ortega
Artistic direction and layout: Clara Palomero
Cover art: Jane Newland
Translation: Andrea Estévez, Ana Limones, Lucía Muñoz, Fco. Javier Pérez, María Rojas and Isabel Romero.

a) S, b) M, c) L, d) XL, e) XXL, f) 3XL, g) 4XL, h) 5XL

Length: a) 50, b) 52, c) 54, d) 55, e) 58, f) 58, g) 60, h) 61 cm

Width: a) 42, b) 47, c) 52, d) 57, e) 62, f) 67, g) 72, h) 77 cm