1. What are the payment options?

You can pay with Paypal, by credit card (Masterdcard, Visa, 4B, American Express) through an online payment system or by bank transfer. In none of these cases, do we have access to our customers’ bank data. It is always charged through various online payment systems through the entities mentioned before. With www.thesewingboxmag.com, your purchases are 100% secure.

2. What are the shipping rates, method and time of delivery? Is there a minimum purchase order?

Shipping costs are usually free and we try to make sure our products reach your home as soon as possible. There is no minimum shipping fee under any circumstances, and we can send it by post or shipping company. See the table for shipping and delivery times according to your country.

3. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. For more information, visit section 2 or the Points of Sale section. Personalized information delivery.

4. Can you return an *item purchased from thesewingboxmag.com?

If there has been an error on our part with your purchase or the item arrives defective, the product must be returned in 10 calendar days from the date of purchase.

For the refund to become effective, products must be returned in their original form, with the packaging intact and the products unused.

To manage the return and if the product received does not match what you have ordered, please contact us at info@thesewingboxmag.com to arrange exchange or refund.

We are responsible for any return costs.

*Digital products can’t be refund.

5. Where I can buy your books, stationery and sewing kits?

Our books are sold on every continent in department stores and specialty bookstores or through our online store (see the “Points of Sale” for more information). However, most of our stationery and sewing kits are sold exclusively in our online store www.thesewingboxmag.com

6. What kind of skills are required to work with your books?

Our publications are produced for a wide audience. For those more advanced, as well as those who are not. You will find pictures, illustrations and easy to follow instructions.

For the less experienced, we have provided a download area with a glossary of terms and definitions of sewing, embroidery and crochet techniques.

7. Where are you? How do I can get in touch with you?

We are in Seville, you can contact us through the following ways:

E-mail: info@thesewingboxmag.com
Phone: 954 184 200
Mailing address: Business Center Torre de los Remedios. Avenida República Argentina, 24, 2nd floor. 41011 Sevilla.

8. How do I can be a point of sale for your books, stationery and kits?

If you want to sell any of our products, kits or stationery items, write us at info@thesewingboxmag.com

We will reply ASAP!

9. How I can collaborate or work for you?

We are always looking for creative and motivated people to develop patterns, to design cover illustrations or to collaborate on our blog. If you are passionate about the subject Do It Yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@thesewingboxmag.com

Country Cost Shipping method Order
Spain, Islas Baleares, 4,50 48/72h (Express) 0€
Ceuta y Melilla 0,00 48/72h (Express) > 60€
0,00 7/10 days (post mail) 0 €
Spain (Canarias) 0,00 7/10 days (post mail) 0 €
Western Europe 7,50 48/72h (Express) 0-20€
4,50 10/15 days (post mail) 0-20€
12,50 48/72h (Express) 20-50€
10,00 10/15 days (post mail) 20-50€
0,00 48/72h (Express) > 60€
United States 17,00 5/10 days (Express) 0-20€
8,50 15/20 days (post mail) 10-20€
4,50 15/20 days (post mail) 0-10€
23,50 5/10 days (Express) 20-50€
15,50 15/20 days (post mail) 20-50€
Asia 17,00 5/10 días (Express) 0-20€
8,50 15/25 días (post mail) 10-20€
4,50 15/25 días (post mail) 0-10€
23,50 5/10 días (Express) 20-50€
15,50 15/25 días (post mail) 20-50€
México 15.50 5/15 days (Shipping Express from Spain) 0-20€
2,00 7/10 days (post mail Shipping from Mexico DF) 0-20€
2,00 7/10 days (post mail Shipping from Mexico DF) 0-10€
17,00 5/15 days (Shipping Express from Spain) 20-50€
2,00 7/10 days (post mail Shipping from Mexico DF) 20-50€
Central America, South America 29,00 5/15 days (Express) 0-20€
8,50 15/25 days (post mail) 10-20€
4,50 15/25 days (post mail) 0-10€
30,50 5/15 days (Express) 20-50€
16,50 15/25 days (post mail) 20-50€