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“Creativity is intelligence having fun” said Einstein. Find everything that amuses you, stimulates your creativity and inspires you to create unique moments.

Start learning new techniques in the world of crafts and work, you don’t need to be an expert to do them.



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Bonus printable content: cutout stencils and table decorations.

ISBN 978-84-943942-1-8

The designers and entrepreneurs we review in this volume had the need to create something new or turn their professional lives around, in this case creating children’s fashion brands. Find out who is behind each of them and be inspired by their experiences, designs and creative spaces.

DESIGNERS AND CRAFT ENTREPRENEURS: you will meet and learn from the experience of Mr & Mrs Morgan, Punt, Otto and Tula, Philomena Kloss, Txell Lagresa, Isabel Reyes Feeney, Laura Gómez, Cristina Batista, Amelia Strong, Rocio Olmo, Depeapa, Macarena Bilbao and Lalala Toys.

DIY PROJECTS: you will learn to make a picture with threads, to make crafts with children, how to decorate a box by sewing it, stamp textiles to decorate dolls, create a sewn children’s album, prepare elements for a party (includes templates), organize unique moments as a dinner on a balcony….

KNITTING PROJECT: knit a Baker vest.

CROCHET PROJECTS: make a picnic or beach basket and a vintage cap.

REMAKES (CUSTOMIZATION): how to transform a shirt into a blouse, create shirt designs, oversize shirt, transform a scarf into a dress, a bag into a top, turn a shirt into pants for a boy, a T-shirt, or pants into a skirt for girl.

RECIPES: Bundt cake with cola cao and double chocolate, sweet summer salad, avocado and coffee chocolate mousse, chorizo ​​and cheese pate, bread pudding.

DETAILED STEP BY STEP: each of these projects includes detailed instructions with images or illustrations of how to make it, in which you will find the difficulty of the project, and everything you need to do it.

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