“Inspired by the magic of discovering new things in crafts all of our lives, we have created publications whose style, design and freshness have become essential in the library of every crafter.”

The Sewing Box is an independent publisher based in Seville and dedicated to crafts.

For us, El Costurero is like a small box of surprises. We have a common objective for the designers, who we represent, that they make us participate in their creativity, and give us ideas so that through their experience as “makers” we can be a bit like them.

Although we have several years of industry experience, our project was launched in 2014. Since then our publications have been growing in personality, quality and distribution, thanks to the connections we have established with our readers.
However, our mission is to provide useful information related to the world of design and creativity from a fresh point of view and dynamic.
Our readers are mostly women between the ages of 25 and 55, who are interested in the world of design, fashion, and making handmade pieces for commercial purposes.

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